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Staging ideas when selling your home

Give your property the best opportunity to achieve a great sale price.

Make your home an 'eye-catcher'

Ensure your property has "curb appeal".

Add simple things like potted plants, punnets of flowering plants in garden borders and a welcome mat at the door.

Consider placing a few large pavers in the lawn to distinguish an entrance leading to the front door.

De-personalise your home

Remove personal photos and knick-knacks wherever possible.

Arrange stylish lamps and vases on bench tops and shelves instead.

Refresh or replace old, worn furniture

Consider hiring a few key pieces of furniture and/or accessories.

Attractive furnishings will help present your property and make it appear more warm and inviting.

Get cleaning

It sounds like a no-brainer, but do spend time cleaning and de-cluttering prior to an open inspection.

Shining the appliances, removing dishes from the sink and clearing bench tops are all important tasks.

It will add value and assist the sale process.

Get a second opinion

For objectivity when selling a property, ask someone else to inspect it as a prospective buyer would.

That's the honest sort of input you need to identify any shortcomings.

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