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Unley Conveyancing is a member of the Australasian Conveyancing Group.

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Why Choose Unley Conveyancing?

Unley Conveyancing is a member of the Australasian Conveyancing Group.

Unley Conveyancing, as a member firm of the Australasian Conveyancing Group, represents the highest echelon of specialist qualifications, experience, ethics, service standards and is committed to providing premium conveyancing services for all real estate property including subdivisions and development in South Australia. Unley Conveyancing also provides General Property Consultancy for a broad range of Real Estate and Property issues.

  1. Specialists - Property work is all we do - the only area we practice in - we are true "Property Settlement Specialists"
  2. Excellent Value for Money - whilst our fees are "in the middle", our service, knowledge and expertise are absolutely first class
  3. Experience - The combined experience of our Adelaide office Partners/Principals is approximately 50 years!
  4. Qualifications - we believe very strongly that conveyancing should be done only by people specifically qualified as Conveyancers. In many cases, this excludes more generally qualified solicitors as the standard Property Law component in a Law Degree is significantly less in quantity and practical knowledge than that of most of the available Tertiary level Conveyancing qualifications.
  5. Solutions, not Problems - is one of our mottos. Unlike many of our competitors, we don't grandstand unnecessarily, we don't go out of our way to look for ways to charge you more. Conveyancing, being a non-adversarial area of legal work, should always be solution based - the Vendor wants the Sale Price and the purchaser wants the Property - so let's "work it out"
  6. Professionalism - South Australia has the Nation's highest Ethical Standards and Professional Standards to obtain and maintain Registration as a Conveyancer. We can proudly say that Unley Conveyancing and its Principals both have absolutely spotless records and after one standard annual audit, the auditor actually said that we have the best records and systems that he had ever seen!
  7. Keeping Up to Date - All team members are proud members of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers (S.A. Division) and as Members, we are required to attend to continuous Professional Development specifically in the area of Conveyancing.
  8. Professional Indemnity Insurance - For your protection, we carry a high level of Professional Indemnity Insurance. In a combined 50-odd years of practice (in SA and Victoria) we have never had a claim. One of Paul and Geoff's shared "life goals" is to go to their graves without ever having a PI claim!
  9. There is Always Someone Available - because we are not ever in court on a nasty criminal or family law matter, we are generally all available and very easy to contact.
  10. We Enjoy Our Work! - and we are friendly and approachable - this makes a huge difference to how easy we are to deal with.

Formerly Bennett Garson Conveyancing

A Member of the Australasian Conveyancing Group
408 Unley Road, Unley Park SA 5061
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