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Unley Conveyancing is a member of the Australasian Conveyancing Group.

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Unley Conveyancing Staff

Unley Conveyancing is a member of the Australasian Conveyancing Group.

Unley Conveyancing, as a member firm of the Australasian Conveyancing Group, represents the highest echelon of specialist qualifications, experience, ethics, service standards and is committed to providing premium conveyancing services for all real estate property including subdivisions and development in South Australia. Unley Conveyancing also provides General Property Consultancy for a broad range of Real Estate and Property issues.

Helga Murray
Office Administration

Tanya Wilson AAIC

Tanya Wilson A.A.I.C.
Registered Conveyancer

Tanya Wilson was first registered as a Conveyancer in April 2018.

While studying for her Advanced Diploma in Conveyancing, Tanya worked in the industry as a Settlement Clerk/Conveyancing Assistant for 2 years, under the astute guidance of the Managing Partner of Unley Conveyancing, Geoff Bennett.

Prior to focusing exclusively on Property Conveyancing, Tanya had 25 years, experience working in Customer Service.

That has not changed in Tanya’s Property Conveyancing career - Tanya’s emphasis is on the Client, guiding them through the process to achieve the best outcome.

Tanya is a member of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers (SA Division).

Information bulletins and regularly attending education sessions, keep Tanya in touch with the latest industry advances.

Geoff Bennett, Registered Conveyancer

Geoff Bennett
Member of the AICSA,
Fellow of the AIC (SA Division)
Registered Conveyancer [RCO 679]

Geoff Bennett was first registered as a Conveyancer in 1982. Since then computers and various applicable software have changed conveyancing practices for the better.

Geoff believes his previous experience as a survey draftsman and with a private mortgage finacier has greatly broadened his knowledge in all aspects of general conveyancing.

Geoff also has a special interest and expertise in subdivisional and development work.

Paul Garson, A.A.I.C., M.R.E.I., Registered Conveyancer

Paul Garson  A.A.I.C., M.R.E.I.,
Registered Conveyancer (S.A.)
Certified Practicing Conveyancer (Vic.)

Paul Garson is one of the Partners/Joint Principals of Unley Conveyancing.

Paul graduated in 1988, and upon graduation, Paul was nominated for the prestigious "Jack Sinclair Medal" for overall course achievement, having obtained Distinctions over four years in all subjects bar one, where a Credit was achieved.

After establishing the Adelaide office in 1989, Paul moved to Melbourne in 2000 and started Stonnington Conveyancing.

Paul now shares his time between the Melbourne and Adelaide offices.

With great help from his partner, Geoff Bennett and the staff at Unley Conveyancing, the practice has grown to market prominence, leading the specialist conveyancing marketplace, especially in the Inner Eastern and South Eastern suburbs of Adelaide.

Paul is also a respected member of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers (SA Division) and a Councillor of the Victorian Division.

Lastly, whilst Paul absolutely loves living in Melbourne, he remains proudly South Australian and has been a Port Adelaide fan for over 30 years (Port Magpies and now also Port Power)!

Formerly Bennett Garson Conveyancing

A Member of the Australasian Conveyancing Group
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